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 Child & Family Services - RIA Child Protection Policy


RIA takes the issue of child protection very seriously.  We have a Child and Family Services unit, whose role is to manage, deliver, co-ordinate, monitor and plan all matters relating to child and family services for all persons residing in RIA accommodation centres and to act as a conduit between RIA and the HSE. The Unit is comprised of a manager seconded from the HSE with clinical expertise in the area of child welfare and protection (position currently vacant), an Executive Officer and a Clerical Officer. The unit's main functions and responsibilities are:

  • Monitoring and implementation of RIA's Child Protection Policy.
  • Working in close partnership with the HSE Child Protection and Welfare Service nationally.
  • Setting up and implementing the Garda Vetting system for centre staff.  Staff in the Child & Family Services unit are Garda Vetting Authorised Signatories.
  • Working in partnership with the HSE in relation to Separated Children Seeking Asylum who reach 18 years of age ("aged out" unaccompanied minors) leaving HSE care and require appropriate accommodation in RIA's Direct Provision centres based on assessed needs.
  • Setting up and chairing regional Interagency Meetings. The purpose of these  meetings is to provide a forum where RIA staff, Centre managers and staff, and relevant statutory agencies dealing with asylum seekers seek to identify and resolve issues of common concern.
  • Co-ordinating HSE-delivered training of centre managers in areas such as Children First 'Keeping Safe' and Applied Suicide and Self Harm Training; as well as Capacity and Awareness Training delivered by Culturewise Ireland for those working with Immigrant Parents. 


Here is a link to RIA's Revised Child Protection & Welfare Policy for Accommodation Centres (PDF - 256KB)

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