Direct Provision


What are Asylum Seekers provided with under Direct Provision?

  • Accommodation on a full-board basis. The cost of all meals, heat, light, laundry, tv, household maintenance, etc. are paid directly by the State.
  • Personal allowances of €21.60 per adult and €21.60 euro per child per week.

I have heard reports in the media that asylum seekers are given free mobile phones and cars by the Government. Is this true?

No. There is no substance to such reports.

What is Direct Provision?

Direct provision is a means of meeting the basic needs of food and shelter for asylum seekers directly while their claims for refugee status are being processed rather than through full cash payments. Direct provision commenced on 10 April, 2000 from which time asylum seekers have received full board accommodation and currently, personal allowances of €21.60 per adult and €21.60  per child per week.

Are RIA staff present at the centres?

No. However, from time to time, RIA staff visit the centres to ensure that asylum seekers needs are being met and to ensure that they have access to all relevant services. These visits include at least two unannounced Inspections per year, along with regular clinics conducted by RIA staff for residents.