Expressions of Interest, Closing Date: 28/01/19

Reception and Integration Agency

Department of Justice and Equality


The Department of Justice and Equality,  through the Reception and Integration Agency (RIA), wishes to invite expressions of interest from Hotels and Guesthouses interested in providing emergency full board accommodation (bed and three meals) for up to a 24 week period, in the State, for persons seeking international protection. This call for expressions of interest is in response to an urgent and increasing demand for accommodation and is an interim measure.  The accommodation must be readily available and any booking arrangements will be for a maximum of a 24 week period.


A public tendering procedure is currently under way and will continue to take place across the State between now and 2020 to cover longer term accommodation needs that may arise. This Expression of Interest does not replace tendering processes that are underway or that will be commenced to meet this longer term need.


The type of premises required includes Hotels and Guesthouses.  RIA is not seeking exclusive use of any premises and any capacity not being utilised in the hotel/guesthouse by RIA can continue to be made commercially available. Accommodation that is not close to a town/urban area with links to the Dublin area should provide a transport solution.


RIA intends to identify from the expressions of interest the most appropriate hotels or guesthouses to meet this emergency need for accommodation services for people seeking international protection.


The expressions of interest are requested in accordance with Sections 4(5) and 4(6) of Statutory Instrument No. 230 of 2018 European Communities (Reception Conditions) Regulations 2018, and will be assessed on

the provision of suitable accommodation

  • that is clean and safe
  • that is within a reasonable travel distance to the International Protection Office in Dublin
  • has transport links to Dublin
  • and the cost of accommodation offered


Sections 4(5) and 4(6) of Statutory Instrument No. 230 of 2018 European Communities (Reception Conditions) Regulations 2018 allow the Minister to provide material receptions conditions in a manner different to the regulations where the accommodation normally available is temporarily exhausted, is for as short a period as possible and meets the recipients’ basic needs.


The deadline for receipt of expressions of interest is 17:00 on 28th January, 2019.


Applications should be sent to:

Contracts Unit,

The Reception and Integration Agency

PO Box 11487,

Dublin 2.


Expressions of Interest can also be sent by email to with the subject header “Expression of Interest”.


All queries should be sent to  or phone (353 -1) 4790222 or (353-1) 4183304.

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