Functions & Responsibilities


  • Arranges accommodation for asylum seekers and works with statutory and non-statutory agencies to co-ordinate the delivery of other services (including health, social services, welfare and education) for asylum seekers
  • Accommodates asylum seekers at reception centres in Dublin for an initial period of around 14 days for the purposes of orientation, information provision, voluntary health screening, needs assessment and assistance with the first stages of asylum applications;
  • Disperses asylum seekers from reception centres in Dublin to accommodation centres around the country;
  • Sources suitable accommodation and sites throughout Ireland for accommodating asylum seekers;
  • Co-ordinates the preparation of sites at which temporary accommodation for asylum seekers is to be provided;
  • Contracts out the management (including arrangements for catering and security) of State owned accommodation centres;
  • Monitors the operation of accommodation centres on an on-going basis
  • Co-ordinates the provision of services at accommodation centres;
  • Provides training and support to proprietors and management of centres;
  • Monitors the implementation of contracts for services;
  • Has arole in assisting with the return of destitute citizens of certain EU States;
  • Plays a small but important role in the State's overall response to the issue of human trafficking.

The integration function formerly assigned to RIA was assigned to the Integration Unit of the Office of the Minister for Integration, an office newly created in July, 2007.