Inspections & Clinics


RIA has an Inspection Team which conducts comprehensive inspections, at least twice yearly, of each of the properties (commercial and State owned) used to accommodate asylum seekers. These inspections are always unannounced. The inspectors look at all aspects of the accommodation centre in relation to the proprietor's obligations under the contract. These cover such areas as reception, management, staff cover, menus, facilities being provided, maintenance of the property and fire and safety issues.

In addition, an independentcontractor is engaged by RIA to conduct further comprehensive inspections of all centres. These independent inspections are also unannounced.

Further unannounced visits, outside of this inspection regime, are made on a regular basis by senior management to accommodation centres throughout the State to ensure that standards are being maintained.

Any diminution in standards which comes toattention as a result of these inspections is immediately followed up and proprietors are requested to make any changes and improvements deemed necessary. Where necessary, follow up inspections are also arranged. Diminutions in standards are treated very seriously by RIA and in cases where they have not been remedied, contracts can be terminated.


The RIA Operations Unit conducts clinics at all accommodation centres on at least a twice yearly basis. The primary objective is to make RIA staff available to discuss issues on a one-to-one basis, but also to review and examine the centres and their general operation. Clinics are advertised in advanceandresidents who wish to meet with RIA staff are invited to attend.

While residents can raise their concerns and address complaints to RIA at any time - through their centre manager, by telephone or in writing - information clinics provide an opportunity for face-to-face communication with RIA staff. Residentscan raise any issues of concern, complaints, queries and information requests. RIA staff will address these concerns,initiate inquiriesand provide information and referral details where necessary. Residents are assured that any issues raised will be addressed confidentially and will only be discussed with relevant personnel with their agreement.

Separate arrangements exist in the case of Mosney Accommodation Centre which has a capacity of600 residents. Thereclinics are held there on a monthly basis.

Where a number of smaller accommodation centres are located within a short distance of each other, residents from one of the centres may be invited to attend the clinic in the neighbouring centre.

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