Is there any legal service in place for Asylum seekers?

The Refugee Legal Service is a law centre established by the Legal Aid Board to provide confidential and independent legal services to persons applying for asylum in Ireland. Legal aid and advice is also provided, in appropriate cases, on immigration and deportation matters. The Legal Aid Board is an independent statutory body providing legal services in civil matters. The Refugee Legal Services provides a confidential service to all persons who contact it.

How does legal advice help Asylum Seekers?

A person who makes an application for legal services will be furnished with assistance as soon as possible. Assistance will be provided in the following way:

The Refugee Legal Service assists generally in applications for asylum by providing advice to you before you submit your questionnaire to the Office of the Refugee Applications Commissioner or before you attend your interview in the Office of the Refugee Applications Commissioner.
The Refugee Legal Service can make written submissions to the Office of the Refugee Applications Commissioner in support of your application for asylum.
The Refugee Legal Service can provide representation before the Refugee Appeals Tribunal.
Where refugee status is refused, the Refugee Legal Service can assist generally in the submission of applications pursuant to the Immigration Act, 1999 and matters arising therefrom.
The Refugee Legal Service can assist in relation to deportation orders and Judicial Review procedures.

What does the Refugee Legal Service require of a client?

A client of the Refugee Legal Service must:

Keep the Refugee Legal Service advised at all times of their current address.
Attend at all appointments made for them with their caseworker or solicitor in the Refugee Legal Service. Strict time limits apply at all stages of the asylum process and failure to attend appointments in a timely fashion may result in the Refugee Legal Service being unable to provide a service to them.

The Refugee Legal Service  can be viewed legal services for asylum seekers.