Most Recent IPAS/IPPS, RIA, QTS Inspections

IPAS/IPPS formerly RIA oversees a comprehensive and detailed inspections system of asylum seeker accommodation. Inspections are carried out by an in-house inspectorate within RIA and also by an independent company with expertise in fire and food safety. The contract for independent inspections is currently held by QTS Ltd. As far as possible, every effort is made to inspect accommodation centres approximately three times annually - twice by the internal RIA inspection team and once by the independent inspection company QTS. The purpose of an inspection is to assess the physical condition of the centre and to ensure that the services contracted by RIA are being delivered by the contractor. All inspections carried out by RIA staff or the external inspection company are unannounced.

All IPAS/IPPS accommodation centres and emergency accommodation locations are also subject to inspection by various other statutory bodies in relation to activities carried out on site, on the same basis as any entity providing accommodation, catering and other services. These may be either announced or unannounced. These include inspections with regard to fire safety, food and environmental safety, child welfare and inspections into on-site pre-schools/creches where applicable.

RIA previously published all inspections on the website, however this website has been experiencing some technical difficulties so the most recent inspections are uploaded below.


Most Recent Inspections of Direct Provision and EROC Centers Available


Clare Lodge IPAS/IPPS Inspection 28/09/2020

Clare Lodge QTS Inspection 09/10/2020

King Thomond RIA Inspection 28/06/2018

King Thomond RIA Inspection 07/03/2019

King Thomond IPAS/IPPS Inspection 21/09/2020

King Thomand IPAS/IPPS Inspection 17/12/2020

King Thomond QTS Inspection 27/11/2018

King Thomond QTS Inspection 25/06/2019

King Thomond QTS Inspection 30/12/2020

Knockalisheen RIA Inspection 26/09/2018

Knockalisheen RIA Inspection 10/12/2018

Knockalisheen IPAS/IPPS Inspection 17/12/2019

Knockalisheen IPAS/IPPS Inspection 08/12/2020

Knockalisheen QTS Inspection 21/06/2018

Knockalisheen QTS Inspection 06/03/2019

Knockalisheen QTS Inspection 09/03/2020



Ashbourne RIA Inspection 26/06/2019

Ashbourne IPAS/IPPS Inspection 18/12/2019

Ashbourne IPAS/IPPS Inspection 24/02/2020

Ashbourne QTS Inspection 28/09/2018

Ashbourne QTS Inspection 11/09/2019

Ashbourne QTS Inspection 22/02/2021

Clonakilty Lodge RIA Inspection 08/03/2018

Clonakilty Lodge RIA Inspection 19/06/2019

Clonakilty Lodge IPAS/IPPS Inspection 30/09/2019

Clonakilty Lodge IPAS/IPPS Inspection 08/10/2020

Clonakilty Lodge QTS Inspection 30/12/2019

Clonakilty Lodge QTS Inspection 29/03/2021

Davis Lane RIA Inspection 11/12/2018

Davis Lane RIA Inspection 28/06/2019

Davis Lane IPAS/IPPS Inspection 23/12/2019

Davis Lane IPAS/IPPS Inspection 02/10/2020

Davis Lane IPPS/IPAS Inspection 15/12/2020

Davis Lane QTS Inspection 30/12/2019

Glenvera RIA Inspection 06/06/2019

Glenvera IPAS/IPPS Inspection 20/10/2020

Glenvera IPAS/IPPS Inspection 18/12/2020

Glenvera QTS Inspection 11/06/2018

Glenvera QTS Inspection 10/09/2019

Kinsale Road RIA Inspection 19/06/2019

Kinsale Road IPAS/IPPS Inspection 18/12/2019

Kinsale Road IPAS/IPPS Inspection 06/03/2020

Kinsale Road QTS Inspection 28/09/2018

Kinsale Road QTS Inspection 11/09/2019

Kinsale Road QTS Inspection 29/03/2021

Millstreet RIA Inspection 23/05/2019

Millstreet IPAS/IPPS Inspection 18/12/2019

Millstreet IPAS/IPPS Inspection 21/09/2020

Millstreet QTS Inspection 23/06/2018

Millstreet QTS Inspection 23/09/2020



Balseskin RIA Inspection 05/06/2019

Balseskin IPPS/IPAS Inspection 18/09/2020

Balseskin IPAS/IPPS Inspection 23/12/2020

Balseskin QTS Inspection 29/06/2018

Balseskin QTS Inspection 15/12/2020

Clondalkin Towers RIA Inspection 19/06/2019

Clondalkin Towers IPAS/IPPS Inspection 27/11/2019

Clondalkin Towers IPAS/IPPS Inspection 22/10/2020

Clondalkin Towers QTS Inspection 07/03/2019

Clondalkin Towers QTS Inspection 20/02/2020

Dublin Central IPAS/IPPS Inspection 15/10/20

Dublin Central Inn QTS Inspection 30/03/2021

Hatch Hall RIA Inspection 5/12/2018

Hatch Hall QTS Inspection 3/10/2018

Hatch Hall QTS Inspection 19/06/2019



Dominick St QTS Inspection 07/05/2021

Eglinton RIA Inspection 27/06/2018

Eglinton RIA Inspection 14/03/2019

Eglinton IPAS/IPPS Inspection 27/11/2020

Eglinton QTS Inspection 28/06/2019

Eglinton QTS Inspection 27/04/2021

Great Western House RIA Inspection 14/03/2018

Great Western House RIA Inspection 27/08/2018 

Great Western House RIA Inspection 25/03/2019

Great Western House IPAS/IPPS Inspection 10/02/2020

Great Western House IPAS/IPPS Inspection 19/12/2019

Great Western House QTS Inspection 27/12/2018

Great Western House QTS Inspection 27/09/2019

Great Western House QTS Inspection 21/12/2020



Atlantic Lodge RIA Inspection 14/03/2019

Atlantic Lodge IPAS/IPPS Inspection 26/09/2019

Atlantic Lodge IPAS/IPPS Inspection 29/09/2020

Atlantic Lodge IPAS/IPPS Inspection 23/12/2020

Atlantic Lodge QTS Inspection 20/06/2019

Atlantic Lodge QTS Inspection 20/02/2021 

Atlas House Kilarney RIA Inspection 07/12/2018

Atlas House Kilarney RIA Inspection 08/03/2019

Atlas House Kilarney IPAS/IPPS Inspection 20/09/2019

Atlas House Killarney IPPS/IPAS Inspection 16/11/2020

Atlas House Killarney IPAS/IPPS Inspection 11/12/20

Atlas House Kilarney QTS Inspection 01/10/2018

Atlas House Kilarney QTS Inspection 20/06/2019

Atlas House  Killarney QTS Inspection 18/03/2021

Atlas House Tralee RIA Inspection 15/03/2018

Atlas House Tralee IPAS/IPPS Inspection 28/06/2019

Atlas House Tralee IPAS/IPPS Inspection 13/10/2020

Atlas House Tralee IPAS/IPPS Inspection 17/12/2020

Atlas House Tralee QTS Inspection 07/01/2019

Atlas House Tralee QTS Inspection 18/11/2019

Atlas House Tralee QTS Inspection 19/03/21

Johnston Marina RIA Inspection 21/03/2019

Johnson Marina IPAS/IPPS Inspection 20/09/2020

Johnston Marina IPAS/IPPS Inspection 29/12/2020

Johnston Marina QTS Inspection 01/10/2018

Johnston Marina QTS Inspection 21/06/2019

Johnston Marina QTS Inspection 19/03/2021

Linden House RIA Inspection 10/12/2018

Linden House RIA Inspection 02/04/2019

Linden House IPAS/IPPS Inspection 20/09/2019

Linden House IPAS/IPPS Inspection Report 20/11/2020

Linden House QTS Inspection 29/03/2018

Linden House QTS Inspection 18/11/2019

Linden House QTS Inspection 20/03/2021

Park Lodge RIA Inspection 29/05/2019

Park Lodge IPAS/IPPS Inspection 03/12/2019

Park Lodge IPAS/IPPS Inspection 30/09/2020

Park Lodge IPAS/IPPS Inspection 10/12/2020

Park Lodge QTS Inspection 07/01/2019

Park Lodge QTS Inspection 18/12/2019

Park Lodge QTS Inspection 18/03/2021



Eyre Powell RIA Inspection 20/06/2019

Eyre Powell IPAS/IPPS Inspection 27/09/2019

Eyre Powell IPAS/IPPS Inspection 18/11/2020

Eyre Powell QTS Inspection 19/02/2018

Eyre Powell QTS Inspection 27/11/2019

Hazel Hotel RIA Inspection 29/06/2018

Hazel Hotel RIA Inspection 28/02/2019

Hazel Hotel IPAS/IPPS Inspection 29/11/2019

Hazel Hotel IPAS/IPPS Inspection 13/11/2020

Hazel Hotel IPAS/IPPS Inspection 21/12/2020

Hazel Hotel QTS Inspection 30/09/2019

Hazel Hotel QTS Inspection 21/12/2020



Hibernian RIA Inspection 26/03/2019

Hibernian IPAS/IPPS Inspection 21/02/2020

Hibernian IPAS/IPPS Inspection 22/12/2020

Hibernian QTS Inspection 29/11/2018

Hibernian QTS Inspection 30/12/2019

Montague RIA Inspection 07/03/2019

Montague IPAS Inspection 30/12/2019

Montague IPAS/IPPS Inspection 16/11/2020

Montague QTS Inspection 28/03/2018

Montague QTS Inspection 17/06/2019

Montague QTS Inspection 22/12/2020



Carraig Accommodation IPAS/IPPS Inspection 06/10/2020

Carraig Accommodation  IPAS/IPPS Inspection 16/12/2020

Carraig Accommodation QTS Inspection 20/11/2020



Griffin House IPAS/IPPS Inspection 30/09/2020

Griffin House IPAS/IPPS Inspection 10/12/2020

Griffin House QTS Inspection 30/12/2020

Hanratty's Hotel RIA Inspection 28/06/2019

Hanratty's Hotel IPAS/IPPS Inspection 02/12/2019

Hanratty's  Hotel IPAS/IPPS Inspection 11/12/2020

Hanratty's Hotel QTS Inspection 30/03/2018

Hanrattys Hotel QTS Inspection 27/03/2019

Hanrattys Hotel QTS Inspection 04/03/2020

Mount Trenchard RIA Inspection 26/06/2019

Mount Trenchard IPAS/IPPS Inspection 21/11/2019

Mount Trenchard QTS Inspection 19/01/2018

Mount Trenchard QTS Inspection 19/03/2019



Richmond Court RIA Inspection 20/12/2018

Richmond Court RIA Inspection 12/06/2019

Richmond Court IPAS/ IPPS Inspection 17/12/20

Richmond Court QTS Inspection 28/03/2018

Richmond Court QTS Inspection 11/12/2019

Richmond Court QTS Inspection 29/12/2020



Carroll Village RIA Inspection 29/03/2018

Carroll Village RIA Inspection 28/09/2018

Carroll Village RIA Inspection 14/03/2019

Carroll Village QTS Inspection 05/06/2019

Carroll Village IPAS/IPPS Inspection 14/09/2020

Carroll Village IPAS/IPPS Inspection 15/12/2020

Carroll Village QTS Inspection 23/02/2021



Old Convent RIA Inspection 21/06/2019

Old Convent IPAS/IPPS Inspection 16/12/2019

Old Convent IPAS/IPPS Inspection 12/11/2020

Old Convent QTS Inspection 02/07/2018

Old Convent QTS Inspection 29/03/2019

Old Convent QTS Inspection 9/12/2020



Mosney RIA Inspection 03/04/2018

Mosney IPAS/IPPS Inspection 26/09/2019

Mosney IPAS/IPPS Inspection 29/09/2020

Mosney QTS Inspection 05/09/2019

Mosney QTS Inspection 07/12/2020



St Patricks RIA Inspection 14/05/2019 to 15/05/2019

St Patricks IPAS/IPPS Inspection 09/12/2019

St Patricks IPAS/IPPS Inspection 24/09/2020

St Patricks IPPS/IPAS Inspection 14/12/2020

St Patricks QTS Inspection 27/06/2018

St Patricks QTS Inspection 08/03/2019 

St Patricks QTS Inspection 01/10/2020



Marian Hostel IPAS/IPPS Hostel Inspection 07/10/2020

Marian Hostel IPAS/IPPS Inspection 21/12/2020 

Marian Hostel QTS Inspection 21/12/2020



 Abbeyfield RIA Inspection 18/06/2019

Abbeyfield IPAS/IPPS Inspection 19/10/2019

Abbeyfield IPPS Inspection 04-12-20

Abbeyfield IPAS/IPPS Inspection 18/12/2020

Abbeyfield QTS Inspection 02/07/2018

Abbeyfield QTS Inspection 30/10/2018

Abbeyfield QTS Inspection 23/12/2019 

Abbeyfield QTS Inspection 29/12/2020



Globe House RIA Inspection 29/06/2018

Globe House IPAS/IPPS Inspection 22/11/2019

Globe House IPAS/IPPS Inspection 23/10/2020

Globe House QTS Inspection 26/06/2018

Globe House QTS Inspection 08/10/2020



Bridgewater House RIA Inspection 27/11/2018

Bridgewater House RIA Inspection 28/06/2019

Bridgewater House IPAS/IPPS Inspection 27/09/2019

Bridgewater House IPAS/IPPS Inspection 09/10/2020

Bridgewater House IPAS/IPPS Inspection 14/12/2020

Bridgewater House QTS Inspection 09/02/2018

Bridgewater House QTS Inspection 20/11/2019

Bridgewater House QTS Inspection 11/12/2020

Riverside IPAS/IPPS Inspection 21/12/2020



Atlantic House RIA Inspection 21/03/2018

Atlantic House RIA Inspection 10/06/2019

Atlantic House IPAS/IPPS Inspection 30/09/2019

Atlantic House IPAS/IPPS Inspection 27/02/2020

Atlantic House IPAS/IPPS Inspection 04/12/2020

Atlantic House QTS Inspection 19/11/2019

Birchwood RIA Inspection 15/03/2018

Birchwood RIA Inspection 19/02/2019

Birchwood IPPS/IPAS Inspection 30/11/2020

Birchwood QTS Inspection 29/06/2018

Birchwood QTS Inspections 03/05/2019

Birchwood QTS Inspection 19/11/2019

Birchwood QTS Inspection 30/12/2020

Ocean View RIA Inspection 08/08/2018

Ocean View RIA Inspection 18/12/2018

Ocean View RIA Inspection 27/06/2019

Ocean View IPAS/IPPS Inspection 01/10/2019

Ocean View IPAS/IPPS Inspection 10/12/2020

Ocean View QTS Inspection 19/11/2019

Ocean View QTS Inspection 30/12/2020

Viking House RIA Inspection 20/03/2018

Viking House RIA Inspection 06/06/2019

Viking Houses IPAS/IPPS Inspection 17/09/2020

Viking House QTS Inspection 15/09/2018

Viking House QTS Inspection 24/09/2019

Viking House QTS Inspection 11/12/2020


Clonea Strand RIA Inspection 14/06/2019

Clonea Strand IPAS/IPPS Inspection 09/10/2020

Clonea Strand QTS Inspection 26/09/2018

Clonea Strand QTS Inspection 25/09/2019



Athlone Accommodation Centre RIA Inspection 25/06/2018

Athlone Accommodation Centre RIA Inspection 12/03/2019

Athlone Accommodation Centre IPAS/IPPS Inspection 04/12/2019

Athlone Accommodation Centre IPAS/IPPS Inspection 10/12/2020

Athlone Accommodation Centre QTS Inspection 02/04/2018

Athlone Accommodation Centre QTS Inspection 30/09/2019

Temple Accommodation RIA Inspection 23/09/2018

Temple Accommodation RIA Inspection 02/04/2019

Temple Accommodation IPAS/IPPS Inspection  22/12/2020

Temple Accommodation QTS Inspection 21/12/2020 



Rosslare Port IPAS/IPPS Inspection 19/10/2020 

Rosslare Port IPAS/IPPS Inspection  15/12/2020

Rosslare Port QTS inspection 16/03/2021



Grand Hotel RIA Inspection 21/06/2019 

Grand Hotel IPAS/IPPS Inspection 26/11/2019

Grand Hotel IPAS/IPPS Inspection Report 05/10/2020

Grand Hotel IPPS/IPAS Inspection 21/12/2020

Grand Hotel QTS Inspection 04/10/2020